Metaldays: BEHEMOTH and 5 more bands to cry havoc in Tolmin!

Oct 2nd, 2014

The 2015 feastival season is approaching and METALDAYS is proud to introduce BEHEMOTH as the first headliner since they should be perfectly capable of bringing darkness and total destruction to Tolmin, wrecking everything and everyone with their live performance. The band from Poland is one of the most well-known in the extreme metal genre and will unleash chaos and mayhem on stage, turning what’s left of a bright day into an apocalyptic night in the lovely valley of Soca.
We are also looking forward to a wicked performance of KATAKLYSM from Canada, who will provide you with a lesson in how contemporary, massive and technical death metal is supposed to sound nowadays. The four-piece band will trash the stage and – probably – bring armageddon to Metaldays 2015!
Along with BEHEMOTH and KATAKLYSM, M.O.D. will get their “Real Job” done and entertain their audience with a combination of crossover and hardcore punk, so you better get ready to sweat!
In addition OBSCURA from Germany will take the stage at the festival. Uniting some of the most talented European (metal-) musicians, they provide a deep, technical and breathtaking sound mix that set new levels in the genre of technical death metal and gained a lot of attention within the last years.
These glorious years are still to come for UK-based MALEVOLENCE, but there is no doubt that that they will bring the “Reign Of Suffering” over Tolmin.
If you are into melodic metal, preferably with a female touch, newcomers EDGE OF SERENITY from the Netherlands will provide you with everything you need. Best believe that Nanette and the boys have a bright future awaiting them, so you should not miss out!

Stay tuned for more announcements!

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