MARYANN COTTON – “Free Falling Angels”

May 21st, 2012

MARYANN COTTON are releasing their debut “Free Falling Angels” via Pure Rock Records/H’Art/Zebralution! The Album will be released on June 15th. 2012!

Mary Ann Cotton was a serial murderer in the time of the victorian England and poisoned 20 people with Arsen until finally she was caught by police and finished here life at the gallows.

This wife was a big inspiratin for a joung danish performer to find an artist name. MARYANN COTTON as a name for a band was born. Of course this name has to fit to the music, so its for sure not mainstream. As our danish artist showed his talent at the casting show “Sceen Er din” (what’s in other countries a show like “Star search” or a similar format) with his 7inch “Shock me”. This title shows the way it goes and so one new song of the forthcoming album “Do you think I’m crazy” goes in the same direction. Shock Rock like it was done y ALICE COOPER, KING DIAMOND and other famous artists.

MARIYANN COTTON for sure is not worse than these bands and the now five members of the band including Hal Patino, Andy LaRocque, Pete Blakk and Snowy Show (all were playing at KING DIAMOND) know exactly how to transport “shock rock” from the 70s and 80s to 2012. The fifth member and MARYANN COTTON itself is Jackie Patino, the son of Hal Patino who has all the talent his father has too and for luck the same musical preferences.

“Free falling angels” is an album sounding like 2012, but containing all the roots from the famous 70s and 80s bands in this genre. So you will find great hooks, fantastic musicanship and the combination between powering Rock, fine melodies and a dramatic attitude. So you will do very hard if you try to erase the songs from your brain’s “save disc” after you’ve listened to them once. This means not less than “Free falling angels” is a great shock rocking catchy misterious unforgettable “poisoning” album!

Stefan Glas (Rock Hard, Heavy, Underground Empire)


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