Sep 12th, 2007

Latent Anxiety is a fresh and award-winning multi-genre-project from L.A., with a focus on grinding electronic-industrial sounds, combined with tight guitars in the progressive New-Wave-style. Indie and Alternative Rock can be found as well on each album, as well as pop ballads and trance songs. The complex lyrics, which are sung with different voices in more than three octaves, are food for thoughts. The goal of this eclectic art, consisting of various experimental styles, is to work up the development of the modern society in a musical way. The virtuoso Ilja Rosendahl (singer and guitarist) is the musical head of Latent Anxiety. Following his huge debut successes “Perception” and “Sensation” in 2006, “Reaction” will be released in this years’ fall, and “Detonation” will be released in January/February 2008, plus an album in cooperation with Motal Loom.

“Reaction” (release: November 1st), Latent Anxiety’s long-awaited third release, will once again prove the sensational talent of Ilja Rosendahl to harmonize Gothic Industrial, Hard Rock, New Wave and Dark Trance. The result is “Reaction” – an avant-garde song-collection, which comes as a high-tech Special Edition CD. Videoclips, lyrics, photos and broad info on the album plus a band biography complete the CD (in 5.1 DTS Digital Surround-Sound). This enthralling musical journey with pounding rhythms, hot guitar hooks, chilling electronic-loops and overwhelming singing passages will catapult every listener into a sound roller-coaster!