Kinetik Control – Lack Of Divine Inspiration

Oct 1st, 2008

There is hardly anything equally as boring as reading through biographies. I mean, how many different ways is there to describe how people have shared common musical interests and come together with their ideas to form a band? Well, that is pretty much how it happened with Kinetik Control, a manifestation of electronic turbulence, metallic mood swings and melancholic mindscapes.

The old saying “opposites attract” is definitely the case with Tweak and Dexter, two creative individuals with a completely different social and spiritual background. Even if there is contrast in the two individuals’ personalities, there is something unexplainably strong and mystical about their collaboration. Together they form a team whose musical force is appalling. Call it cosmic unison or anything else dim, the music speaks for itself and is far from superficial. The ability to combine electronic elements with pop sensibility and a twist of metal, completely in their own terms, honors all music styles – yet creates a distinctive and recognizable original sound. Instead of hanging onto a narrow musical spectrum, Tweak and Dexter have decided to reach for the stars. Their music has no limits or boundaries; nothing is sacred or forbidden in their little world.