Mar 28th, 2007

Rock’n’roll in the Seventies was a particularly colourful chapter in music history. There’s hardly been another era in the annals of popular music that has had an equally significant influence on the developments to come, proved to be a lasting inspiration for many artists and changed so much in political and social terms. Ken Hensley experienced the Golden Seventies in his position as a true rock star. As Uriah Heep’s guitarist, vocalist, main songwriter and keyboardist until 1980, but also as a successful solo artist with numerous impressive releases in his own right, he went through countless ups and downs, enjoyed successful concerts, suffered difficult phases, yet only ever wanted one thing: to continue his life as a musician. From the stuff that well over thirty years of wistful musician’s dreams are made of, Ken Hensley has now written and composed an album that is exciting and sounds authentic to the last note.
Hensley has precisely chosen the matching voices to the songs:„Jørn Lande represents the big singers like Free and Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers or the young David Coverdale, who sang for Deep Purple at that time and formed Whitesnake later, with his raw timbre.“ For his compositions about love, lust and passion Hensley chose the expressive Eve Gallagher.
„Blood On The Highway“ will be presented to the German and the international press on two days of interviews, on April 3rd and 4th in Hamburg.
The album will be presented to the broad public on May 22nd in the „Fabrik“ in Hamburg, when all featured singers plus strings are part of a showcase, which has the style of a rock opera. The concert will be topped off with a collection of Uriah Heep classics.