KARELIA – “Restless”

Jul 15th, 2008

KARELIA have been in the business for more than seven years and have released two albums during this time. Their debut album “Usual Tragedy” was published in 2004 by Drakkar / Sony BMG and made a huge impact. Critics were positive throughout and the album was celebrated all over Europe. Only one year later their second album “Raise” saw the light of day, however, it could not convince as much as the debut. The band had altered their sound and this did not appeal to their heavy metal fans.

In April this year they released their third album: “Restless”. This time the French guys were taken on by the renowned label Seasons Of Mist.

Karelia achieved their weird artistic transformation with that album : how could we describe such a work? The music is catchy, easy to memorize, full of gimmicks, the songs don’t exceed the traditional ‘radio edit’ duration… but in the same way, guitars are aggressive, drums are beating hard, sound is deafening, lyrics are definitely insane… well, in a word, we’re still talking about metal. But such ambiguity is the deep will of Karelia band.  In a word, the style will be hard to define precisely (as usually done in metal genre) but you would be right calling this as dark-industrial-electro-pop-metal. Thus, the two cover songs of the album are surprising as well: “Lift me Up” from Moby, and “Losing my Religion” from R.E.M. All songs from the album “Restless” are supported with opulent electro lines, tortured and sensitive vocals, amazing head bangin’ groove. The world of this French band extends way beyond mere sequences of notes: Karelia create sonic images, atmospheres, haunting moods… and this is intended for any audience.

On 25.10. KARELIA will open the Straßburg concert of the Scorpions.