Judas Priest – Track list “Nostradamus” and release parties

Apr 30th, 2008

The new JUDAS PRIEST album will be available in the shops as from Friday 13.06.2008. In order for you to get a first impression here’s the track list: Dawn of Creation / PROPHECY; Awakening / REVELATIONS; The Four Horsemen / WAR; Sands of Time / PESTILENCE AND PLAGUE; DEATH; Peace / CONQUEST; LOST LOVE; PERSECUTION; Solitude / EXILED; ALONE; Shadows In the Flame / VISIONS; Hope / NEW BEGINNINGS; Calm Before The Storm / NOSTRADAMUS; FUTURE OF MANKIND

Furthermore there will be release parties all over Germany. Here is where and when it’s at:  13.06. Berlin – K17; Bremen – Tower Music Club; Flensburg – Roxy Concerts;Hildesheim –  Rockclub; Kiel – Die Pumpe e.V.; Koblenz – Druckkammer; Leipzig - Hellraiser; Ludwigsburg – Rockfabrik; Nürnberg – Rockfabrik;
14.06. Augsburg – Rockfabrik; Bochum – Matrix; Frankfurt – Final Destination; Göttingen – EXIL; Hamburg – Ballroom; Köln – Valhalla; Magdeburg – Factory; München – Garage; 20.06. Bielefeld – Ringlokschuppen; Kassel – Panopticum