Joker’s Ball – new series

Nov 23rd, 2010

One of the biggest problems of all Newcomer-Bands is to present their music live. A barrier are both clubs and logistics. On the other side the general public doesn’t know what is really worthwhile. Joker’s Ball is a unique concept for live bands and fans, which is presenting once a month three Newcomer Bands with a total of ten shows in five european countries.
Joker’s Ball is a cooperation of the Hanover Marketing and Promotion Agency CMM GmbH and the concert agency Redlionmusic. Expertise from the areas of tour planning, realisation, marketing and promotion come together. Joker’s Ball emphasizes high quality and provides the bands the chance to rock in the famous venues of Europe. For the audience Joker’s Ball can be a guide for discovering new good bands. Additionally Joker’s Ball draw monthly prices from all ticket buyers, which should let the fan heart beat faster.

JOKER’S BALL – 3 new bands, 10 shows, five countries – starting in February 2011