JANE feat. Werner Nadolny – new album “Eternity”

Nov 30th, 2010

From next March on you can say that there is a beginning of a new springtime for all fans of Krautrock. After Werner Nadolny’s JANE said good-bye to the late singer and co-founder Peter Panka with the tribute album “Proceed With Memories” in early 2009, JANE feat. Werner Nadolny is getting in a new phase of their career right now– back to the roots of JANE.
After releasing the DVD “Live in Concert 2010” on November 19th 2010 with a lot of new songs and the perfect demonstration of the live-quality of all current band members, the new studio album “Eternity” is appearing on March 18th 2011 – the true successor to the magnum opus “Fire, Water, Earth & Air” from 1976. With this, the main songwriter Werner Nadolny is coming back to the essence of JANE and continues his life’s work and that of his late band mate Peter Panka.