IRON MAIDEN cooperation with DMAX

Aug 11th, 2010


Cologne/Munich, August 2010 – EMI Music announced an unprecedenced cooperation with the German TV-channel DMAX within the release of the 15th IRON MAIDEN studio album „The Final Frontier“.

The extraordinary cooperation between EMI Music & DMAX started with the “Free TV-Premiere” of the new, sensational IRON MAIDEN videoclip of the single „The Final Frontier“ during the night between the 30th and the 31th  of July 2010.

On friday, August 13th  2010, the british metal-heroes will get their own theme night on DMAX (Discovery Networks Germany), „the Heavy Metal night with IRON MAIDEN“:

-          Next to „Madness Wacken – A village in Heavy Metal fever“ DMAX is going to broadcast the marvelous IRON MAIDEN documentary „Flight 666“ (by Banger Films) of 2009 for the first time on German Free-TV within the special program. The “Rockumentary” will be broadcasted in the full extend which runs 113 minutes. It’s IRON MAIDEN pure and close. The greatest  “Rock-Adventure” in young music history: 20.000 Miles, 1 World Tour, 1 plane, 1 band, 1 frontman as a pilot. An absolute must for every music fan. The channel is going to advertise the theme night massively eight days in advance.

-          The cooperation ranges over the website Along with a big IRON MAIDEN competition there is a classic videoclip voting starting on August 2nd. Fans have the facility to choose three favourites out of 10 IRON MAIDEN-songs. During the release week the winner clips are going to be broadcasted  on DMAX in the full extend.

-          In addition DMAX presents the large-scaled Release-Parties which will take place in 21 German clubs:

13.08.10 GER – Berlin – K17
13.08.10 GER – Nürnberg – Rockfabrik
13.08.10 GER – Hamburg – Ballroom
13.08.10 GER – Cologne – Valhalla
13.08.10 GER – Kassel – Panopticum
13.08.10 GER – Munich – Hard Rock Café
13.08.10 GER – Kiel – Die Pumpe e.V.
14.08.10 GER – Flensburg – Roxy Concerts
14.08.10 GER – Ludwigsburg – Rockfabrik
14.08.10 GER – Augsburg – Rockfabrik
14.08.10 GER – Frankfurt a. M. – Final Destination
14.08.10 GER – Göttingen – Exil
14.08.10 GER – Essen – Turock
14.08.10 GER – Hannover – Engel 07
14.08.10 GER – Nersingen – Rock’s
14.08.10 GER – Bochum – Matrix
14.08.10 GER – Wuppertal – Club Pavillion
19.08.10 GER – Rostock – ST-Club
20.08.10 GER – Leipzig – Hellraiser
21.08.10 GER – Bremen – Tower Music Club
21.08.10 GER – Herford – X

- The campaign of the new studio album“The Final Frontier” is part of a big TV-Campaign from August 12th to the first week in September.

Philippe Koenig (Head of Catalogue Marketing GSA – EMI Music): „IRON MAIDEN and DMAX, it’s the perfect match! Music made by men for the best people in the world: men. We are happy about the new, innovative way of marketing. IRON MAIDEN presenting a theme night is a very remarkable thing for us!“.

Susanne Aigner-Drews, Director AdSales, Discovery Networks Germany: “We are very happy about the cooperation with EMI and Iron Maiden. The rocking Heavy Metal-Documentary fits perfectly to our target audience: men. Furthermore the program cooperation is a start for the new DMAX label „AUFDREHEN“. In the future we will have more music cooperations in line with the new label.

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