Havanna Heat Club – “Specially made for your satisfaction”

Sep 8th, 2008

The client base of the internal SAOL service will be extended: HAVANNA HEAT CLUB are coming!

Founded in June 2000 and named after some super-8 porn of the 70s, HCC gives you the full load of highspeed rock’n'roll – loud, filthy and positively aggressive.

The devil (and what a devil that is!) is in the detail – meaning that if you listen and look carefully you will understand just how exceptional these four guys from Berlin are.

While most of their colleagues waste their time in front of the mirror just to subsequently produce musical blueprints, the CLUB are focused on the essential – accordingly, the song material is indeed catchy but also complex and of a strong character at the same time -  punkrock’n'roll hits inspired by AC/DC – Motörhead to viciously groovy deep-mouthed stoner songs.

Last but not least it is the dynamic and sweeping appearance of the band which makes their gigs a real blast – eg as support for Rose Tattoo, Gluecifer, Peepshows, Nebula, Supersuckers, Zodiac Mindwarp, Mad Sin, Bones und Sodom!

In any case, the guys cannot swap their clothes as they simply personify instrument and individuality. Put together though they harmonize perfectly and produce a pleasantly deafening, strong sound which is as reliable as a neatly adjusted V8 motor. After the release of three demos (2001, 2003, 2004), a change of drummers in January 2002, two video productions (Money Back, I Want) and a diploma break in early 2004 the first longplayer was released in December 2004.

With the help of artist and HCC fan Franz Ackermann the great piece of vinyl saw the light of day in New York’s Passerby and CBGBs.

The band took their time releasing this as a CD in order to not just take the first but the very best – it was finally released on 05.11.2005 by Wild-At-Heart Records and achieved 8 out of 10 points from OX as well as 9 out of 10 from ROCK HARD!

After a smashing CD release party and a support for rock’n'roll legend King Kurt, Martin Dahl (ex d-Base 5) eventually made his debut at the bass in April 2006 and soon after the guys shared the stage with D.A.D.

The plan for 2008, following a support tour for Rose Tattoo, is: new songs, new power, same direction: forwards!