HARTMANN – Out In The Cold & III

Sep 15th, 2009

Oliver Hartmann climbed the first steps of his musical carreer as singer of At Vance. He published four albums with the German Power Metal group between 1998 and 2002 with both national and international success. You can hear his voice on numerous international productions like Avantasia and Aina. Moreover, he worked as a studio singer for HammerFall, Helloween, Edguy and many more.
After Oliver Hartmann left At Vance, he focussed on his project HARTMANN, the first album “Out In The Cold” was released in 2005. The album has been entitled as “Album of the month” several times and the Australian Melodic-Rock Magazine has chosen “What If I” for “Song of the year” and “Into the light” for “Ballad of the year”.  After playing shows all over Europe as support for Toto, the second album “Home” was released in 2007. The CD release was followed by a tour with House Of Lords and  The Hooters.

In fall 2007  two acoustic sets has been recorded and has been released with the title “Handmade” in March 2008. An live dvd and cd in a class of its own with pure handmade” songs of both studio albums and previously undisclosed songs. The 3rd studioalbum „III” will be released in November 2009. It will contain 11 tracks and it affiliates seamlessly to its forerunners. All in all it will be more brutal and modern with songs like “I won´t get fooled again”, “Broken Down” and the duet “Warsong” (guest singer Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia)). Besides this more brutal songs There will be also some midtempo-rocker like “From outta space” or typical Hartmann ballads like “Forgotten innocence” as well. Oliver Hartmann produced “III” in cooperation with Sascha Paeth, who already did the endmix of the first tweo studioalbums. 

On 13th November 2009 “III” will be released on SAOL / H`ART / Zebralution Europe-wide, the release party will take place at the Colos Saal in Aschaffenburg on 21st November 2009.