H’Art Musik-Vertrieb GmbH new distribution partner for SAOL

Sep 5th, 2008

For their new SAOL project the cmm GmbH could win over the reputable German distribution company H’Art Musik as partner.

Or: The collaboration between cmm GmbH and H’Art Musik means that SAOL now has, apart from the hitherto existing promotion and marketing possibilities, a  perfectly organised  and  successful distribution partner as well.

Thus, the artists and labels can from now on profit from the know-how and support of both companies.

With SAOL our clients can not only access all resources of the cmm GmbH (marketing, promotion, as well as a worldwide network of contacts within all areas of the music business) but can also make use of 25 years of experience of the H’Art Musik-Vertrieb GmbH.

The collaboration with H’Art Musik also implies that smaller set ups can reach reasonable sales figures and a German-wide distribution.

The combination of an own distribution network and a good export department of the H’Art Musik-Vertrieb GmbH leaves almost nothing to be desired in terms of international “frontiers”. In the near future it will be possible to extend the Europe-wide distribution and promotion to the Asian and American music market.

So, with the support of cmm GmbH, the SAOL project and H’Art Musik-Vertrieb GmbH artists will be able to position their product on the most important top-selling musik markets of the world.