GIBONNI with new video for “20th Century Man” !!!

Aug 26th, 2013

Some People prefer living in the past – GIBONNI definitely belongs to that group and he’s proud of it! While being “stuck in the 80′s”, he is strolling and stumbling along the Berlin Wall, atomic power plants and rocket launches. Not to forget, that he meets Ronald Reagan and Michail Gorbatschow in front of a coffee shop in Amsterdam.

>>>Click here for the teaser<<<

GIBONNI once again creates his own world – musically as well! As is usual, the Croatian remains on the rock/pop throne in his country and he keeps working diligent that it is staying this way! All of that is underlined with a smooth dose of irony! And who wouldn't like to be on the cover of the "Dental Hammer" or the "Trolley Stone"?

Today at eight o'clock sharp, the full video will be relesed on his >Facebook-site!

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