ELA – Make My Day

Feb 18th, 2009

Gosh, what has happened to ELA? Shortly after she engaged a guitarist, who has a well-known surname, for a Hard Rock version of one song from her latest record “Passion” (2008), every new track became much heavier. She has got the emotions and expressiveness of Lita Ford in her best days – but definitely with a larger vocal range. And now you can fully enjoy this development, which can be heard on “Out Of Time” (EP 2008).

In April ELA is going to release her second album, which is loaded with diversified, multi-faceted and partly Rammstein-like guitar riffs. Songs like “Right For The Devil”, “I Don`t Mind” and “Who” convince with the usage of classic Rock instruments and sound very up to date and also have a modern sound. The attractive woman from Karlsruhe, Germany also proves this with her version of “Queen Of The Deep”, which was originally written by the British Hard Rock band UFO. Unlike the original the song´s atmosphere is not created by the guitar sound but by her voice.

The young chanteuse, who appeared to be a bit juvenile in the beginning of her solo career, became a clearly matured and remarkable vocalist, who distinctly utters her ambition to rock the music business at the end of the interview. This lady is quite self-confident!

“Make My Day” is going to be released on April 24, 2009 via NoCut.