Jun 16th, 2010

We are glad to announce that the young metal combo DAMNATION DEFACED now acts SAOL-flagged and their debut album will be available in stores in autumn. You can expect progressive Death Metal. The band says:
“Finally, it’s official, we decided to sign with Hanoverian rock and metal specialists CMM and their service SAOL and are going to distribute our debut album in Europe (physical) and all over the world (digital)! We are glad we are offered that big chance! The new material is an improvement for the band and is only partly comparable with our last album. It’s not only the songwriting which got better but also the songs which got an individual mark from each of us. We are proud of our works already and promise an angry, emotional and hard-edged album on which one can discover a lot!”

The whole SAOL team and partners welcome the guys.