Cryptex are back in Germany

Mar 30th, 2012

Hey Folks!

We’re back from the great “Over Hills And Stones Tour 2012″!
It’s been a wonderful time with PoS and their crew, touring all over europe in about 14 different countries.
The crowds went crazy every night and we played our best shows on stage so far.
We met people that never heard of Cryptex before and turned into fans during the concert, now spreading our music and leaving comments on our facebook wall!
Thank you for the great singing and shouting on every single concert, we love you!

We also met the guys from PoS and their crew that turned into friends during the tour.
We miss you, Barni, Daniel, Daniel (D2), Don, Gustaf, Marten, Mikael, Léo, Lucie, Ragnar, Robin and Terese!

So, time to work on the next projects, including part II of the Tour Blog…

Stay tuned!
Simon, Ramón, Martin (CRYPTEX)

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