CRIPPER to unveil coverartwork of “Antagonist”

Apr 26th, 2012

Hanover based CRIPPER proves that varied Thrash Metal does not need lots of frills, since the band’s formation in 2005. Since then, the sympathetic-chaotic bunch cut their way through the European Metal scene. With a mix of old school and modern elements, technical skill and a good portion of groove, the quintet with front-elk Britta Görtz has quickly gained a reputation as a playful and rousing live band, inspired by their sweaty shows and enthralling live songs.

The third studio album “Antagonist” will be released worldwide on June 22nd 2012 on SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution, including 12 songs, with which CRIPPER shows both its old-school as well as its modern side. From deathy songs like “Animal of Prey”, a hell lot of rock ‘n roll in “Clean”, a chunk of hate “General Routine” or the snappy opener “New Shadow”CRIPPER has become more mature and shows that with increasing enthusiasm.


01. New Shadow
02. Not Dead Yet
03. Animal Of Prey
04. Totmann
05. Hegemony
06. Clean
07. General Routine
08. Dogbite
09. Another Lesson In Pain
10. Damocles
11. God Spoken Prayer
12. Cocoon


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