cmm GmbH and iM1 to team up with each other

Sep 25th, 2012

Within the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg Wolfgang Rott (General manager of cmm GmbH) and Uwe Lerch (Director Program iM1) and they decided a narrow cooperation in the ranges of marketing & promotion. This contains, among other things, the succesfull Rock-program of the TV-broadcasting station, which will be expanded by the addition of the popular Canadian production “Metal Evolution” by Banger Films, as well as a further cooperation in terms of BARGE TO HELL and 70.000 TONS OF METAL, which were accompanied by both companies since the beginning.

The tv-broadcaster is distinguished by his musical diversity, but is especially accepted by label-, promotion- and organization-customers. According to the AGF/GfK TV-research the number of viewers lies in the area of 0,09 million per hour and also has top-results at the market-proportions of 0,9% (14-49 year old) and 1,53% (14-29 year old).

Their current campaign “We Rock Your TV” is on air – as well as an advertisement-theme in various magazines.  iM1, the digital Tv-broadcasting station from Frankfurt, shows music 24/7 via satellite, digital cable, DVB-T, IP-TV and in a livestream (other infos and ways of reception can be found at

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