Nov 8th, 2007

Image European-wide promotion

This music lets the summer come back! CLUELESS is a new and powerful band with great Pop-Rock up their sleeves, which has signed a deal with Escapi Music. These four blooded musicians do not have to hide behind the big fish of the genre like Blink 182, Sum 41, Wheatus or Green Day!

The music of CLUELESS is a great mixture of Power-Pop, Surf-Rock and Punk influences which kicks ass at first and last sight. They have also proven to be a great live band and have already played numerous concerts in Germany and the Netherlands, amongst others with Panic!, Intwine and The Travoltas.

Their self-titled debut has been released via direct selling, and now they are in the starting blocks with the worldwide operating Swedish label Escapi. Already now they have benefited from the international release, and a special Japan-edition of the up-to-date album can be bought.

The national media is at their side as well. Shortly after the foundation of CLUELESS, the band won a radio-contest, which let them play in several radio stations, and just recently the band won the biggest Pop Rock Music Award for amateur bands in the Netherlands.

CLUELESS are everything but clueless concerning their own future. The band has big goals and is planning a tour, which will bring them to Germany, Holland and Japan.