Burning Sea – Early Bird Package sold out

Oct 5th, 2012

The BURNING SEA Early Bird package is now sold out.
But don`t worry, because you have still two options: ordering a normal festival-ticket for €79 (+ commission and shipping), or a Fan Package for €89 (+ commission and shipping).
The Fan Package contains the festival-ticket, a Festival T-Shirt and a CD.
So be quick and get a ticket for Europe`s most beautiful festival!

Furthermore we are happy to announce that our friends of Catapult Promotion will be hosting Liburnian (2nd) stage at the BURNING SEA 2013.
We are sure, they will kick some serious ass!

You should definitely check out the new Accommodation-section. You won`t regret it!
There are a lot of accommodations listed, so that you can arrange your residence during the BURNING SEA festival the way you want.
So check out the new Accomodation-section at www.burning-sea.com !