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Aug 15th, 2013

BLOODSPOT sign with Bret Hard Records:

After six years of band history, nearly 100 gigs all over Europe, an enthusiastic reception for their debut album “Embrace the End” and a new singer, the motto is: balls to the wall and take no prisoners! BLOODSPOT are like a good splatter movie: never mind the plot, just go forward like there’s no tomorrow and hit ‘em where it hurts. The band delivers solid, honest Death/Thrash Metal that will make blood spray and bones break.
The new hammer “BY THE HORNS” will be released in November 2013 via Bret Hard Records, cmm GmbH, H’art Musik-Vertrieb GmbH and Zebralution eBook & Audio-Book – so brace yourselves for it!

Terrorblade release their debut album “Of Malice and Evil” via Bret Hard:

In times of “Happy Metal” and other mumbo-jumbo, you need combos to stay true to mean old Metal – bands like Terrorblade!
Terrorblade will release their debut album “Of Malice and Evil” via Bret Hard Records in November 2013. The trio represents classic Thrash taken straight from the 80s and brought into our time.
Recorded at Gernhart Studio by Martin Buchwalter (Destruction, Suidakra, Tankard, Perzonal War, etc.), the album comprises 10 tracks that will make every Thrash fan’s neck hurt!

New Skum live video:

The gig at this year’s Summernight open-air festival was a resounding success. Here you can see the final part of the gig as a video showing the two cover songs Dawn of the Angry (Morbid Angel) and Jesus He Knows Me (Genesis).
Needless to say, the sound is totally old school!

Incredible but true: After a nine-year hiatus, Beltez release “Tod, Part I” in November!

Some might say that the German underground has fallen asleep as far as Black Metal is concerned. Even clones of clones have gone down one after another, and nobody really wants to explore new ways. However, when old heroes who are still remembered in dirty cellars and foul-smelling concert locations rise again, it is often all the more rewarding to listen up.
Founded in 2002, Beltez quickly became a synonym of cold Black Metal whipped recklessly ahead. Now in 2013, after a nine-year hiatus, they’ve come out from hiding and will present a masterpiece born of hard and arduous work – “Der Tod: Part I”.
The long wait ends in November, when the album will be released via Bret Hard Records.
The track list will be announced soon.

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