BLIND GUARDIAN + EMI helping Japan

Aug 1st, 2011

In April EMI Music initiate a large-scaled aid programm for the earthquake- and tsunami-victims in Japan which where joined by BLIND GUARDIAN by offering an exlusive studio-session in the “Twilight Hall Studio” on ebay. The winner was David Mc Gregor from Quebek, Canada, who purchase this unique 1.317,42 € worth experience with his friend Martin Machado. Last Saturday singer Hansi Kirsch & Co went into the bands own studio in Grefrath to re-record their biggest hit “The Bard’s Song”. The clue of this produciton: the winner directed BLIND GUARDIAN, giving them exact instructions how the new version of this 19 years old song should sound like. Furthermore the fans sang along and played the bass guitar parts of the song. After 6 hours intensive studio work Hansi Kirsch declares:”The recording is finished. Everything works instantly amazing. The song will be present in the nextdays on our homepage, so it will be shared with everyone worldwide, of course free.”

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