Oct 14th, 2011

WERNER NADOLNYS JANE Journey CMMThis name stands for Krautrock like no other in Germany does – JANE! In the 1970s, the band from Hanover, Germany climbed up to the Mount Olympus of Rock in Germany and was mentioned together with Udo Lindenberg. Over 2.5 million sold records and tours all over the world showed the importancy of this band.
Now one of JANE’s founding members, Werner Nadolny, once major composer and arranger, publishes evergreens by the band, like “Hangman”, “Out In The Rain”, “Fire – Water – Earth & Air” etc – each one of them re-recorded by his cast called WERNER NADOLNY’s JANE with a fresh sound to transport the legacy of the band into the new millennium.
After some personal changes and the fragmentation of JANE in three bands, Werner Nadolny decided in 2007 to perform under the new name WERNER NADOLNY’S JANE to win back the original JANE sound with the new band. In this line-up, with two keyboardists and the salient role of organs, pianos and keyboards, Nadolny revives the sound of the 70s.
The album of WERNER NADOLNY’s JANE is titled “The Journey I – Best of Jane `70 – `80″ and will be available as of November 4, 2011 on via SAOL / H’Art / Zebralution.

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