Jul 16th, 2007

Rarely one accidentally walks into a concert and watches the complete show, being totally fascinated by what one is seeing – exactly this happened to our head Wolfgang recently with the band „Anna Singt“.

This band comes, contrary to most of the bands we promote, from a very different musical corner, but we are so convinced of the quality of their music that we willingly take care of this exceptional project.

„Anna Singt“ play classic Acoustic-Rock. Two acoustic guitars, a cello, percussions and terrific singings for several voices create a true gooseflesh-feeling.

On their first, self-produced DVD „A Journey…Live“ are some songs which the band has composed as well as some cover-songs, for example from Blind Guardian, Metallica and System Of A Down.

These cover-songs have been arranged by „Anna Singt“ in a very spezial way. The band consists of blooded musicians and the female singer Anna Ratsch-Heitmann, who has put her heart and soul into her music and lyrics. She has just recently finished her master thesis at the “College of higher education Hildesheim” in singing with the grade A.

The DVD has been recorded on December 16th, 2006 in the „CD-barracks“ in Celle – a lot of atmosphere was created with numerous candles, flowing banners as well as with warm and damped light, underlining the beautiful music.

The band exists no longer than a year, but transports so much fun and freshness that one gets the impression that they are old hands at making music together.