Amanda Somerville – Windows

Feb 18th, 2009

Two things might come to mind when you hear of a new album entitled Windows, by Amanda Somerville; a.) that it’s got something to do with Bill Gates, or b.) that it’s a music album in the European symphonic metal genre. Well, that’ll be a big, fat, “No” to both of those.

Known for her work in the European metal scene with bands like Epica, Kamelot and Avantasia, Michigan native Amanda Somerville is sticking to her roots in alternative pop / rock with the 12 albeit eclectic tracks of Windows. Fans of Amanda’s metal projects won’t be surprised by the genre breach, however.

“It’s no big secret that I’m not the mega Metal Diva that some people think I am. In interviews and such, I’ve always stated that I’m more of a pop / rock kind of artist with my solo music. And most metal fans forgive me of that!” laughs Somerville.

She goes on to say that Windows was a labor of love that was a long time in coming.

“Since most of my time was spent doing studio work for other bands, Windows has been about five years in the making. That’s also partly why the songs are so multi-faceted. I did a lot of evolving in that time period and was certainly influenced by the metal music I was working on. A couple of tracks are even borderline metal. But I’m diverse and it’s all still 100% me.”

And a diverse album it is. With catchy pop tracks like “Mayday” and “Point of Safe Return” layered with Euro-flavored keys, loops and guitars, listeners might be reminded of Dido, Annie Lennox or maybe even Kelly Clarkson. However, Somerville also grabs a hold of some tender parts with the sultry and somewhat creepy sound landscapes of “Get Me” and “Carnival.” Then, the safari winding down, she soothes and comforts with the Peter Gabriel-esque ballad “All That I Am” and the Enya-reminiscent title track, “Windows.”

Whatever your initial expectations might be for an album called Windows by an artist that’s made a name for herself in heavy metal music, you’re in for some pleasant surprises.