A_liFE [DivideD] – fAR

Nov 8th, 2007

Image European-wide promotion

A_liFE [DivideD] – fAR could convince the specialized press: In 2004 they were “Newcomer of the year” in the Rock Hard magazine, in 2006 their album “fAR” became “Demo of the month” in the Metal Hammer.

Modern and chiseled metal meets electronic beats, fascinating tunes billow through the spheres, sometimes hard, sometimes soft, grabs and loosens your ears, melodic and cliffy, all at the same time. References? No. Well…it goes from Depeche Mode to Devin Townsend, from Sepultura to Massive Attack, from Linkin Park to Motörhead, and that will surely convince every journalist who asks for more information!

On stage in 2003, they proved several times that they are a class of their own – concerts in every part of the republic, with fans from Flensburg to Garmisch-Patenkirchen; as opener for big fish like Oomph! or Eisbrecher they brought all listeners to a boil. The broad enthusiasm for the band cannot be slowed down, and metalheadz in full as well as curious teenagers can be found in front of stage.
Marion Gold from Alphaville and Flux from Oomph! are two of the admirers of the band: “For me, A_liFe [DivideD] is one of the few German bands which understands combining melodies full of melancholy, electronic instruments and aggressive guitar music. The emotional depth of their songs reminds me, in a positive way, of one of my all-time-favourites Stabbing Westward!”. And these people know what they are talking about. “fAR” is now being released via the Swedish label Escapi, hand-in-hand with a video of their song “Anyone” as a bonus.

It will be in stores on January 25th, 2008.