70000Tons Of Metal final report

Feb 6th, 2015

70000tons of metal web bannerThis year the 70000Tons Of Metal cruise put out to sea for the fifth time already and returned to Fort Lauderdale on January 26. Once again we registered many positive trends and records: this year metal fans from 70 nations were among the survivors, which marks the highest rise ever with 8 nations more than last year. Most people of this global audience started their trip from the US, while Germany is #2 followed by Canada on #3. Altogether 5270 persons were aboard the Liberty Of The Seas, among those 1312 members of the ship crew, 944 musicians and their crews and 3114 fans. To make sure the biggest metal cruise in the world can go ahead so successfully, a total of 18 trucks of equipment and a 10t boom loading crane were necessary.

And for those of you who want to recall this spectacle rather by pictures than by numbers we filled our press lounge with numerous pictures of the 70000Tons Of Metal cruise 2015 for you to view and download in full size. Check it out!

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