70000Tons: Behemoth and more confiremd!

Jul 10th, 2014

Our friends of the 70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise probably had huge fun attending the Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium last weekend, but besides all kinds of frolicking and drinking games, they never forgot their superior purpose for being there: putting you in the right mood for the upcoming Metal Cruise in January.

This is why they found some time to continue the famous “70000 Tons TV” video column, this time introducing a well known guest to the Metal Cruise: Jeff Waters from Annihilator! Watch the video and see what Jeff is planning for the next cruise, hear how he likes his new nickname and take a look at Andy’s seducingly shaking hips!

Getting Alestorm in front of the camera and talk with them about ships, is probalby the wet dream of many enthusiastic Metalhead-Sailers! So Sam was pretty psyched to ask them about their upcoming album and their show and the 70000Tons Of Metal – or Graham, as frontman Christopher Bowes proposed. Let’s welcome the bacon powered Pirate Metal Crew Alestorm on board of 70000Tons Of Metal! We are looking forward to elevator parties and Ships! Ships! Ships!!!

God hates Behemoth – but that’s ok, because they love boats! See Episode 5 below!

Last but not least we are happy to present the Danish rockers from D-A-D on board! The quartet will join the line-up, just as the legendary TANK!