Shower of gold for IRON MAIDEN!

Oct 16th, 2009

The triumph of IRON MAIDEN still goes on an don and bestows them another gold album and DVD after their great live success! 

IRON MAIDEN succeeded in delighting fans of three generations. The fantastic DVD “Flight 666” which was filmed at the 2-year “Somewhere Back In Time Tour”, reflects their success in a special way!

All CDs and DVDs after Bruce Dickinson returned to IRON MAIDEN have accomplished gold status which is seldom at this time in the music business. 

“Dance Of Death” – in 2005
“Brave New World“ – new
“A Matter Of Life And Death” – new


“Visions Of The Beast” – in 2008
“Live After Death” – in 2008
“Flight 666″ – new

We rejoice at this news with EMI and the band and are looking forward excitedly to the new album!