Zanthropya EX – “Neuer Gott” (EP)

Jan 8th, 2016

Band: Zanthropya EX
Title: Neuer Gott
Genre: Misanthropic Death Metal
Format: CD
Label: SAOL
Release: 05.02.2016

Schinder Papst – Vocals
JenZo’ – Guitar
Crox – Guitar
Abyssos – Bass
Lörk – Drums

01. Verf!cktes St3rben
02. Mein Feind
03. Mensch bleibt Mensch
04. Er.Wache
05. Neuer Gott
06. Windreiter

The clock is ticking – second after second, day after day, year after year.
In 2007 the first sound was made by Zanthropya EX like a rushing river of blood and screams, naive but full of zest for action to reflect the world up to the darkest corner of its ugly face.
To be loved or to be hated, there is nothing in between, there is only one way which leads straight through every wall.

Music stands for rebellion, the finding of like-minded people, drinking and the journey.
The commercial thought destroys all of this and lets you swim in the stream of dead fish that do not have their own individuality.

Every concert resembles a battle, living out the narcissistic personality, the orgie among like-minded persons and the eradication of these compliant masses.

In 2016 Zanthroya EX presents itself with the EP “Neuer Gott” in a new way, as special thanks to each member of the “Misanthropische Guarde” who are guiding them since their beginning and to everybody who will follow them in the future.

The answer to the question, weather the band wants to invoke or replace a new god, to realise their morbid ideas of a perfect world, is buried deeply in the chasms of their new EP.

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