MetalDays: New bands, cancellations and replacements

May 21st, 2015

There are a few news for you concerning the MetalDays line-up: Unfortunately Darkest Hour, Cattle Decapitation, The Contortionist and Internal Bleeding aren’t able to perform at this year’s MetalDays due to the current Dollar-Euro exchange rate. Many bands cancelled whole tours and unfortunately MetalDays was no exception.

But luckily, there are already adequate replacements: Welcome sludge legends Crowbar, French deathcore squad Betraying The Martyrs, Blutmond from Switzerland as well as the US death metallers from Broken Hope. Furthermore, Bavarian dark metal specialists Dark Fortress are part of this year’s line up.

For more information please check MetalDays online and on Facebook.


CROWBAR – Here come the slugs from New Orleans

New Orleans, 1989: “The Slugs” are founded. A band, that will soon be considered as pioneers of the upcoming sludge scene, a mixture of hard aggressive hardcore and slowly rolling doom riffs, that couldn’t be created anywhere else than on the swampy, muddy ground of Louisiana. Soon afterwards, “The Slugs” chose to give their band a much more fitting name (that, if we are honest, fits their style way better): Crowbar! This name became a synonym for raw, mean and direct sludge metal with an in-your-face attitude. During the many years of their existence, Crowbar collaborated with numerous famous protagonists of the sludge, stoner and doom metal scene and the list of past band members is probably longer the greek national anthem (google it…do it!!!). Nonetheless, the band is still vivid and is currently bursting with strength – thanks to their latest, high-class output “Symmetry In Black”. Whoever among you was able to witness Ghost Brigade at MetalDays 2014: Check out Crowbar to see where Ghost Brigade learned all their mean sludge basics!


DARK FORTRESS – Black Metal’s straight “A”students

For more than 20 years now, Dark Fortress have been active and their musical transformation during that time is probably unique in the German and European black metal scene. From the melodic but still viciously aggressive death and black metal on their debut “Tales From Eternal Dusk” to the complex, progressive and technically challenging dark and black metal on “Ylem” from 2012 – Dark Fortress are probably one of the few holistic bands, that cover the whole musical spectre that black metal has to offer. Their latest record “Venereal Dawn” proves this appraisement once again and presents the band at its best (…They would probably make good friends with Ne Obliviscaris…). Anyway: Dark Fortress – A must-see for black metal fans and enthusiasts of dark, progressive music!


BETRAYING THE MARTYRS – Modern metal’s rising star?

This France based unit is a venerable freight-train of aggression with blazing harmonies, captivating hooks and bombastic precision. Bursting out of the seams with an unabashed and unrivaled intensity, Betraying The Martyrs is about to turn the metal world on its axis with their fondly anticipated new full-length album “Phantom”, which perfectly showcases the group’s musical proficiency and evolved songwriting prowess. “Phantom” is the band’s second full-length album and will also be the offering, that puts them over and legitimizes them as one of modern metal’s elite artists. You don’t believe us? Make up your own mind, visit the guys during their show at MetalDays 2015 – you won’t regret it ;)


BROKEN HOPE – Back from the dead…eternally

Even if it sounds like a corny phrase, the description “a long career with many ups and downs” definitely fits Broken Hope’s history. Founded in the late 80s by guitar player Jeremy Wagner, in 1991 the band released their breakthrough album “Swamped in Gore” that was followed by the release of four more studio records and countless live shows until the year 2000. But the permanent load and interpersonal problems lead Jeremy to bury the band and let things rest for a while. Now, more than ten years after this eventful and intense time, Broken Hope have returned from the dead – and this time, they have come to stay! Their latest record “Omen of Disease” from 2013 shows the band in best musical shape and we are happy, that the MetalDays are part of their return parade from the deep, dark grave. Welcome back, Broken Hope!


BLUTMOND – The revolution is dead – Long live the (musical) revolution!

If some of you always wondered how to perform a total musical transition, just ask Blutmond from Switzerland. While the band originally started in the black metal genre, they changed their style to a breathtaking, crazy and distinct form of extreme metal. Just a few remains serve as traces of their black metal past – death metal, progressive rock, jazz and electronic music extend their music to a truly unique soundscape, that is implemented on exciting albums and in fascinating live experiences. Definitely no music for people with musical blinders, everyone else is invited to experience a tonal and visual live show with many WTF moments!

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