CRYPTEX reveal artwork, tracklist and release-date for “Madeleine Effect”

Jan 30th, 2015

After the enthusiasticly commended release of their debut album ”Good Morning, How Did You Live?” in 2011, which managed to fascinate fans regardless of their preferred music genre straight away, this extraordinary formation with mastermind Simon Moskon at its head is about to release their second studio album “Мadeleine Effect” which will be set out to become another important milestone in their band history.

Madeleine Effect” will be europe-wide released on the 24th of April 2015 via CMM / SAOL and the associated, international distribution structures (H´Art / Proper Music Distribution / Believe Digital) and will be available as a SuperJewelcase CD-version with a 24-page Booklet, as well as a download-version on all known platforms “worldwide”! Additional there will be an extra and exclusively HighQuality/Mastered for iTunes-download-version incl. digital booklet available.

* the download-version on Amazon includes the digital booklet as well

You can pre-order the CD Version here.

Cover-Artwork “Madeleine Effect”


Track list:
1 – The Knowledge Of Being
2 – Ribbon Tied Swing
3 – When The Flood Begins
4 – Romper Stomper
5 – Stroking Leather
6 – Release My Body
7 – Madame De Salm
8 – Orange Blossom City Girl
9 – Melvins Coolercoup
10 – A Quarter Dozen In Ounces
11 – New York Foxy
12 – Anthem Of Glory


The Story/Idea behind “Madeleine Effect”

CRYPTEX’s second studio album „Madeleine Effect“ devotes itself to the eponymic phenomenon which deals with sensory perceptions that influence one’s body and soul. People report on stirrings of emotions associated with childhood experiences „or the like“ (positive, same as negative ones) that can be triggered individually through music and sounds. By triggering these emotional associations, people can “relive” their contextual associated memories. By instrumentalizing certain musical compositions and arrangements, ”Madeleine Effect” tries to take the audience back to their multilayered and self-defining memories from the past, with its very individual but always influencial feelings of love, hope, warmth, shelter – but also feelings of grief, pain and loneliness.

„Extract the beauty and pureness of pain, realize the anarchy of transience
and you´ll comprehend „Madeleine Effect!“ – Simon Moskon


Tour dates:

24.04.2015 – Forellenhof (Releaseparty) / Salzgitter
27.04.2015 – Theaterstübchen / Kassel
30.04.2015 – Crown / Lauterbach
02.05.2015 – Framus & Warwick Music Hall / Markneukirchen
03.05.2015 – Spectrum Club / Augsburg
17.07.2015 – Altstadtfest / Salzgitter – Bad

* More to come

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