Experience the “Madeleine Effect”: CRYPTEX working on new studio record!

Sep 30th, 2014

cryptex logoIt has been three years that German Hard-Art/Prog rockers CRYPTEX caused sensation with their fabulous debut record “Good Morning, How Did You Live?”. The record received top reviews all over Europe and was followed by something that could not better be described as a an absolute victory procession, rarely seen for a band with only one studio record: CRYPTEX played shows in more than 20 countries, accompanying british legends THRESHOLD and swedish prog masters PAIN OF SALVATION on the road. And as if this wasn’t enough, CRYPTEX even played their own headline tour, promoting their highly anticipated live DVD “Live at De Bosuil”.
Since that time, the 4-piece band, lead by mastermind Simon Moskon, stands for refreshing, distinct rock music with personality and big doses of magic and mania. Topped off with musical experience and authenticity this mix creates a sound, that pleases not only prog fans’ ears. And since it’s been three years since the last studio record, CRYPTEX are delighted to announce the final steps of working on the new studio record “Madeleine Effect”, that is supposed to be released in the beginning of 2015 – and you can be a part of it!
To safe their artistic and musical integrity and independency CRYPTEX have decided to produce the album on their own – and this requires financial resources, to take the last necessary steps of the album production. So the band is asking all the prog fans and lovers of passionate and high-quality rock music for support! See what Simon has to tell about the project (subtitles available in english):

The campaign has been running for about three weeks now and even if some big steps to reach the goal have already been taken, time is still running. To become part of the new record and to help CRYPTEX to release an imcomparably piece of musical art please visit www.startnext.de/cryptex .

Thank you all and feel the “Madeleine Effect!

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