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Sep 12th, 2014

cryptex logoWhen the first album from Cryptex “Good Morning, How Did You Live?” saw the light of day in 2011, they instantly fascinated fans of many different genres. Not only the multi-faceted songs and the great arrangement, especially the love to the detail brought them a more than good reputation in the international press.

By playing numerous shows and tours, including Threshold and Pain Of Savation, they established their status as an energetic and thrilling live band in the last years. One of these shows has been immortalised on the “Live at De Besuil” DVD. As a highlight, they opened the stage for no one less than Alice Cooper in front of 8000 fans in the Czech Republic, just to start working on new material right afterwards.

Although they set the bar pretty high with the first record, Cryptex strive for more and want to set a new milestone with the follow-up album. If you know “Good Morning, How Did You Live?”, you can guess, that the band around the mastermind Simon Moskon won’t do things by halves, that’s why they invested a high level of professionalism, a lot of time but also sweat and hard work. At last, the effort is for the fans, who should enjoy the best result.

Logically, a great leap forward requires a long run up – and this time it is up to the fans and music-lovers to help.

In these days, the Cryptex-crowdfunding-project with the goal to raise 10.000 € within 70 days for the completion of the new album is starting. With that, all the costs for mixing, mastering, the artwork, die CD pressing and the GEMA registration should be covered.

Every giver will get the digital download of the new album as a “Thank You” but beyond that, the band had some rather crazy ideas: You always wanted to get Cryptex to play in your living room? No problem! With one click away, you can enjoy having a singing lesson with Simon. Exclusive tour photos from the disposable camera of the band? Backstage and the drinks are on the house? Everything is possible: Through the crowdfunding campaign you will get as close to the band as never before.

If someone is delighted by Simons legendary kilt (worn), he or she has the one-time chance to get this piece of art home.

The finish line is in sight and everybody can help to reach it. Just click here!

(english subtitles available)

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