ROCKZONE: Rock and metal are taking back the screen

Jan 23rd, 2015

Get the riffs delivered straight to your living room with RockZone!

Do you remember shows like “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Metalla” or “Headbanger’s Ball?” Do you remember the feeling of just trying to make it through the week, jonesing for some rough tunes, classic and new, making your TV shake for a glorious hour on Friday or Saturday night? We all sat glued to the tube, letting spectacular music videos, legendary concerts and festival reports wash over us – either that, or we turned our living rooms into ecstatic mosh pits, wrecking the furniture along the way.

For many of us, shows like these laid the groundwork for a lifelong passion for rock and metal. Metal isn’t just a genre, it’s an outlook on life and a way of living it. The demise of classic music television and the ever growing tendency for its strings to be pulled by zeitgeisty trends quickly saw such formats disappearing from the screen. Today, shows for us rock and metal folk are few and far between – one might say the bonfire died, and all we’re left with is the coldness of a type of music television which cannot help but disappoint the fans of rock and metal. For a while, it seemed like YouTube might be an adequate substitute, but questionable video quality, tasteless ads and unending geoblocking quarrels have long proven it to be no real alternative for true music enthusiasts.

Feast your senses with RockZone

It’s time to reignite the fire! RockZone’s more than ready to bring those lost riffs back to life. Starting spring 2015, this Video on Demand service will be providing fans with their favorite tunes, delivering them straight to their living rooms and gadgets. But this is no ordinary clip stream – in our extensive library, you’ll be able to find all kinds of content, ranging from concerts and festivals, interviews and behind-the-scenes material to exclusive videos, editorials, documentaries and radio sessions. Apart from well-known acts from rock to hard metal, we’ll be showcasing newcomers of all pertinent persuasions, a true feast for ears and eyes – with audio and video in top-notch quality! And since we want RockZone to be all about you, the fans, there will be designated areas and channels for an open exchange of ideas – among fans, editors and makers alike. We want you to be an integral part of this project from the very start: Crowdfunding support, a say in content choices and styles and a whole lot more. Your opinion, your voice, your support matter – they are indispensable for making RockZone what we want it to be: a service by fans for fans, a reflection of the way rockers and metalheads across globe are united by their passion for the heavy sounds.

Minds and motivation behind RockZone

RockZone is the brainchild of Michael Bogatzki and Christian Morawietz. Michael’s love of the rough stuff began when he got a hold of Golden Earring’s legendary “Radar Love” single at the mere age of five. In his teen years, he also frequented the dark side of the speaker: along with his friends, he’d be seen rocking out in a hardcore/crossover band which would later go on to spawn Chronical Diarrhoea and the avant-gardists of Bohren & der Club of Gore. Christian’s first concert was the Monsters of Rock Festival back in 1988, where he witnessed Iron Maiden, Kiss, Anthrax, Testament and many others work their magic. This experience has stayed with him ever since, shaping his work endeavors as well as his downtime. The two rock aficionados each spent a good deal of their wild youth in the same metal-addled holes in the wall, becoming instant friends upon meeting later in life. Their first collaboration was MAKE MUSIC TV, a well-established video streaming service for concerts, documentaries and a lot more.

A vision comes to life

In making their idea reality, the two creators rely on MAKE MUSIC TV’s well-oiled technical infrastructure. This allows fans to access RockZone not only on their Smart TVs and computers at home, but also on mobile devices and tablets. In a unique effort, each metalhead can participate in shaping RockZone. On February 20th, we’ll be launching our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. With your help, we’ll make sure that RockZone gets a glorious kick-off, filled with all your favorite artists. Special prizes straight from the scene are up for grabs as well as perks such as exclusive access to the first concerts that made you turn metal. Support us and become part of a project that is bound to shape the landscape of rock!
Find us at and Facebook – ask us anything and let us know your ideas for a service about all things heavy, all things video!