New Bands for Metaldays!

Apr 9th, 2014

Once again we can proudly present new bands for the Metaldays festival! Four Bands that are going to raise your heart rate through some oldschool and also apocalyptical vibes. A legend is doing the honors: We proudly present you Riot, one of the pioneers of American Power Metal. After moving years including line-up changes, farewells, comebacks and even more exciting live shows, the band will play for you in Tolmin this summer. Espacially for all you oldschool 80’s metalfolks out there.

For all of you who enjoy yourselfs more listening to annihilating grunts and insane blastbeats will find Cattle Decapitation very satisfying. Warm up your necks and let your heads roll! The band enriches their progressive and partially catchy Death Metal with grindcore elements to create a haunting, gloomy but always thrilling sound. Haunting? Gloomy? Thrilling? Sounds very much like Helheim. You should not even try to look for flutes, tromps or jew’s harps here – the band has plain audible Black Metal influences that take the listener on a journey to the upper north while crossing rough, cold and dark realms. Out of a more tropcial area the maltesian Beheaded are going to give a you a hellish perfomance aswell. With five recorded albums to this day, including their most recent release “Never to Dawn”, they’ve got some explosive material to chop off some heads at Metaldays!