MetalDays 2015: Saxon, Suicide Silence and more confirmed

Feb 11th, 2015

The MetalDays festival, located in Tolmin (SLO), becomes a talking point once again: Four high-class bands do the honors in summer, including the Blues Pills who will most likely deliver the perfect soundtrack for many fans’ holidays in Tolmin. But not only the Blues Pills will set out for the valley of Soca in summer: Heavy metal legends Saxon and sleaze metallers Hardcore Superstar are confirmed as well. And those who like it even harder will get their money’s worth with Suicide Silence. This year’s MetalDays will take place from July 19 to July 25 and presents bands such as Dream Theater, Accept, Black Label Society, Carcass, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Hatebreed, Eluveitie and Fear Factory during five days on two stages.

For more information please check MetalDays online and on Facebook.


SAXON – The thunder of British cannons

There’s a league of extraordinarily unshakable gentlemen going by the name of Saxon. These five man, who are virtually dancing with the decades, are what could be described best as the “T” in “HEAVY METAL”. Who knows what would have become of it without them? A heavy meal perhaps, stodgy at least, if not indigestible. Let’s face it: We couldn’t live without Saxon, could we? Welcome them, our timeless metal heroes from the land where real metal was born!



Losing a band member is probably the worst thing that can happen to a well attuned band like Suicide Silence. Since the release of their debut record “The Cleansing” in 2007, they’ve been one of the pioneers of the American and international Deathcore movement. Their meteoric rise to the top of the modern metal scene seemed unstoppable – but the whole framework staggered after the sudden and tragic death of their charismatic fronter Mitchell Lucker in 2012. The whole scene was in shock, but after a short and intense time of grief, the band itself regained its strength by the inclusion of their new frontman Eddie Hermida. This strength was quickly used to release the new album “You Can’t Stop Me” and to bring Suicide Silence back to their familiar high status by extensive touring activities and their breathtaking and sweat driving live shows. 2015 will mark their first show in the idyllic Soča valley ever, so be sure to watch this truely unstoppable band.


HARDCORE SUPERSTAR – No risk, no fun

Back in 1997 it would take a lot of courage to combine the catchy melodies of sleaze rock with the hard aggressiveness fo thrash metal and nobody was aiming to unite these genres that were at enmity. But while everybody was playing it safe, four boys from Sweden had the guts to bring them together and created a bastard that goes by the name of Hardcore Superstar. And what comes out when you mix two genres that both come from the gutter? Probably a very sordid and dirty type of music and most of all exactly what Hardcore Superstar intend to make. We can’t wait for the sleazy boys to visit the undefiled valley of Soca.


BLUES PILLS – Pass the drugs!!!

There’s nothing like a nice drug career. Every single person craves for temptation and we’ve got it for you: the Blues Pills. Pretty colorful, with sweeping effect and highly addictive. Once consumed they remain in your mind until you can’t help but dance in ecstasy and try your best to sing along to the intro of “Devil Man”. If this band had already existed in the 60s, the hippie movement probably would have influenced the world so heavily that today’s school subjects would be “grooving”, “preservation of peace” and “hardcore blazing”. Guys, go see the Blues Pills in Tolmin. It’s worth it.

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