MetalDays 2015: New bands confirmed

Jan 23rd, 2015

The year is not even one month old, but the MetalDays lineup is as good as complete already. As usual, a high-class billing is waiting for the fans to be enjoyed. Dream Theater, Arch Enemy and Fear Factory were just added to the bill this week. Beyond that, Anvil, Vreid, Krokodil, Dr. Living Dead, Divided Multitude, Emergency Gate, Demonic Resurrection and Manntra will make the idyliic Soča valley quiver from July 19 until july 25.

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DREAM THEATER – Prog metal cornerstones

Only a few things in this world are nearly impossible. 1.) Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar. 2.) The Netherlands become world champions in football. 3.) Someone writes a book about progressive metal without mentioning Dream Theater. Like probably no other band in the metal scene, Dream Theater embody epic songwriting, musical extra class and perseverance at the same time. Every single one of the musicians is a master in his profession and even if one member is leaving the band, like former drummer Mike Portnoy did in 2010, they are always able to find an adequate substitution. Without a doubt, Dream Theater are legends not only among prog metal fans but also for all lovers of sophisticated, high-class rock music. Their live shows equal music masses and we are excited like hell to see them live at this year’s MetalDays for the first time ever! Let the show begin…

ARCH ENEMY – Prepare for eternal war

2014 was a terrific year for Arch Enemy: The sudden singer exchange from long-term fronter Angela Gossow to Alissa White-Gluz came out of a clear sky for most fans. For most bands, an exchange like this marks a decisive turning point in their history, that paralyzes the band’s activities. Arch Enemy again used the new drive to write and release a monster of an album, that shines bright as one of the band history’s highlights. “War Eternal” managed to convince the fans, that Michael Amott and his fellow band mates are still able to write powerful and hymn like metal songs, that get stuck in your ear forever. And as this wouldn’t be enough, in passing they even managed to introduce legendary guitarist Jeff Loomis to their current band line-up. Convince yourselves of their new found strength at MetalDays 2015!

FEAR FACTORY – Man vs. Machine

For more than 20 years, Fear Factory have been around now to set the man-made industrial revolution to music. Usually their albums are conceptual records that adress the ongoing love-hate relationship between man and machine. And during their long career, that is marked by many successful and a few not so successful chapters, Fear Factory managed to promote their very own musical industrial revolution. From the death metal influenced sound on their debut “Soul of a New Machine” over their milestone “Demanufacture” to the machine gun sound of “Archetype” and their latest record “The Industrialist”: Fear Factory always overstepped genre limits – even if it was not always popular and this independent, stolid and tenacious attitude made them what they are today. Fear Factory: We are looking forward to you!

ANVIL – Canadian cult to crush Tolmin

For more than 35 years now, Anvil are an instance for a balancing act between dirty, fast rock and thrash metal. There is probably no other band that stayed so true to themselves and their fans for such a long time. Since Anvil returned after being off screen for a long time, they finally arrived where they should have been decades ago already: at the top of a legion of metal bands. With good reasons: who knows what speed and thrash metal would sound like nowadays if Anvil wouldn’t have shown their by now famous fellows how it’s done? Anvil today is like Anvil in the past: fresh, impulsively, full of brute energy and joy in playing. Fuck flourishes and decorations. Thrash is like Rock’n’Roll – it’s no rocket science, you just need to have it in the balls. But for that you have to have balls first, just like the three Canadians!

VREID – Far from farewell

Although their current album is titled “Welcome Farewell”, Vreid are far from throwing in the towel after six albums and more than 10 years of band history. Rising from the ashes of the former band Windir, Vreid earned themselves a solid name in the Norwegian and European extreme metal scene with their raw mixture of black metal, thrash metal and groovy rock. After their first performance in Tolmin at Metalcamp 2007, they return there for the Metaldays for the first time. Welcome Vreid!

KROKODIL – Our daily cup of sludge grant us!

Their 2014 record “Nachash” shook some people up for good. The music which this UK sixpack entered the scene with, can roughly be described as heavy metal’s equivalent to the good old monstrous, dangerously brutal muscle car. Yeah right, muscle car, like the “You can’t just slam the door and hit the gas dude, you’ve gotta have your peace of mind first or you and others will end up dead!” kind of car. King of cars: It’s wonderfully shaped, it’s got everything in place, right where it belongs. It shines out. And, fuck you jesus, it roars and growls!!!This is no exaggeration: Krokodil give Sludge Metal a new turn. Actually, they ARE the new Sludge and we are sure, others will follow their trace of burned rubber. Can’t be too difficult to catch a glance at their glowing tail lights since they aren’t exactly fast. To succeed in a passing maneuver, however, well that seems rather unlikely for the next couple of years. Too much muscle, too crazy driving, better stick with their tail lights. In short: we are really proud to have them here, it’s a fucking honor!

DR. LIVING DEAD – Get your thrash treatment

Out of all the subgenres metal has to offer thrash metal is probably the most popular. From long-established icons of the 80s to countless newcomers of this day and age, everybody seems to have a thing for this genuine and honest music. Dr. Living Dead are no exception: heavily influenced by metal/crossover pioneers like Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I. and S.O.D., the band from Sweden couldn’t care less about forced innovation and experimenting with modern sounds but simply focuses on creating hard-hitting, pure thrash metal. Since 2007 they have been putting out numerous works that prove us how well Dr. Living Dead’s songs kick ass: well enough for them to support Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies on tour in Sweden and to perform at big festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Hellfest and Summer Breeze. Metaldays is up next: get ready to go wild with the skull-mask wearing thrash monsters!

DIVIDED MULTITUDE – Stronher than ever!

For almost 20 years Divided Multitude make trouble in the underground metal scene, but they already established their reputation among prog and power metallers. After two demos and two albums the band disappeared from the scene in 2004 to address themselves to other projects. Three years later the Norwegians reported back and with new influences like modern and melodic metal elements they proved that they evolved splendidly during their absence. On the coming albums their already pretty versatile sound was elaborated and got even more varied, which will hopefully make Divided Multitude gain the attention they deserve for such a long time.

EMERGENCY GATE – Tolmin infected

In 2013, Emergency Gate’s cover version of Haddaway’s “What Is Love” attracted a lot of attention to the six guys from Germany. But resting on their laurels was not an option for them and starting a career as a cover band was even less. For almost 20 years they’ve been constantly working on new high-class material, that is steadily enriched with new fresh ideas. their festivals shows at Wacken Open Air or Masters Of Rock were proof enough, that they always give everything they got. After the release of their sixth album “Infected” in 2014, their “World Infected” tour will also bring them to the Metaldays, where they will have the chance to spread their infection over whole of Tolmin.

DEMONIC RESURRECTION – The journey has just begun

Starting out as bunch of 17 year olds kids trying to give India a taste of extreme metal, then a nearly untouched genre, the band released their first album “Demonstealer” within nine months of formation. Even though it wasn’t the most professional first attempt it was still a bold step to get Demonic Resurrection noticed. Other more elaborated albums followed and eventually lead to performances at Sonisphere Festival as well as Wacken Open Air and also to supporting thrash legends, Onslaught. Since 2000 it’s been a long and sometimes arduous journey for the band – a story of struggle and brickbats, but also adulation and acceptance, however most of all of incredible amounts hard work, determination and perseverance – and even naysayers will be convinced that Demonic Resurrection are one of the most important bands to have come out of the Indian music scene. But yet, for Demonic Resurrection, the journey is only beginning…

MANNTRA – Fresh breeze from Croatia

Mixing modern electronic, hard rock, folk and etno elements, Manntra create their unique sound, which they describe as „Balkan Rock“. This distinctive style already made them gain a lot of attention in their home country Croatia, being praised as something new and unheard while the media even claimed they reinvigorated the Croatian rock scene. After only one year in the business they were signed to Croatia Records, the strongest record company in Croatia. A bright future is ahead of Manntra and it’s safe to say that they will give it all to make sure their Balkan Rock finds approval in the rest of the world, too.