Dec 15th, 2015

It has been quite for some time but many things have been going on offstage at SAPIENCY!
After PHIL HECKEL has supported SAPIENCY at some gigs, the band is extremely excited to announce that Phil has joined the band as a full member and will take place as their new shouter!

It wasn’t easy to find someone who could replace Krsto but, however, SAPIENCY found an absolute top candidate on the microphone that will definitely enrich both SAPIENCY’s sound and performance.

Those of you who already know him from “The Prophecy23”, “Pighead” or “New Born Hate”, already know that this guy kicks asses – the others will experience them in 2016!

SAPIENCY cheerfully welcomes their new addition:

We’re extremely happy to welcome him to our crazy family and can already promise that you can be more than excited about what happens in the next time.”

The first plans with Phil are already forged out: The recordings for the third SAPIENCY record are running at full blast – this records will be extraordinary.

Stay tuned for news and updates the next time!

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