Iron Maiden: “The Book Of Souls” fan listening session video

Sep 3rd, 2015

Last week a dream came true for some die-hard Iron Maiden fans: they were flown from Cardiff to Paris to exclusively listen to the complete new Maiden masterpiece “The Book Of Souls” before everyone else. Admittedly, not in the jumbo jet they’ll use for their huge 2016 world tour, but in a Boeing 737 instead – as usual with captain Bruce Dickinson himself in the cockpit. Aboard the plane as well as in the hallowed halls of Guillaume Studios, the fans experienced 100% Iron Maiden.

A noticeably well-tempered and approachable Maiden singer, Eddies in all shapes and sizes, “Trooper” beer en masse and last but not least “The Book Of Souls” at full length brought the loyal Maiden devotees a days they’ll never forget.

You can check out impressions of the event here:

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