Heldmaschine: “Wer einmal lügt” single + video

Jul 14th, 2015

Heldmaschine’s third studio album “Lügen” will be released August 21st. Finally there’s a first taste for all the fans who can’t wait any longer: The single “Wer einmal lügt” is available as of now and perfectly shows the new stylistic direction the upcoming album is taking.

In addition to the single, the band also shot a video in collaboration with Mark Feuerstake, who already directed a bunch of Heldmaschine’s videos and even plays a role in the video. Alongside the music video professional, some prestigious athletes are taking part as well:
Singer René is boxing against no less than the current middleweight GBC world champion Turgay Uzun and is painfully proving that the song itself isn’t the only thing with a heavy punch. Furthermore, the two main characters are supported by five champions league winners of FFC Frankfurt, who hit even harder with the cheering of their coach Colin Bell!

You can watch the clip here:

Buy the official single (together with further remixes) on iTunes.

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