MetalDays attacking festival after movie standards

Aug 12th, 2016

The creative masterminds behind one of Europe’s finest, the MetalDays Festival, have a tradition of doing things their own way, and their success – establishing the brand in virtually no time while reaching a striking degree of customer satisfaction – proves them right.

We love their straight-forward way of dealing with the very thing that’s eating away of us big time this year: an unbelievably shitty summer and the depressing moment when we realize that the summer we’ve been longing for so much happens to slip away before it even really started.
Of course we didn’t expect anyone to deal with the frustrating fact that we’re just being doomed once in a while by making it the guiding theme of their official festival after movie. Just why aren’t we surprised it’s MetalDays showing balls again?
Awesome move, MetalDays! Thanks for taking our post-MetalDays depression and turning it into a beautiful melancholy! And great soundtrack for the dark masterpiece by incredible Cryptex, too!

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