The Blue Poets: New single “Goodbye” released

Aug 2nd, 2016

Master guitarist Marcus Deml, known for his band Errorhead and winner of American Guitar Player Magazine’s Guitar Hero award, will present the debut album of his new band The Blue Poets on September 9: Blues-soaked 70s rock, heavy with testosterone in the here and now.

Beforehand, The Blue Poets have released the single Goodbye along with an atmospheric video. Band leader Marcus Deml describes the origin of the song as follows:

“The sad ending of a 19 year old relationship inspired me to deal with the subject of saying Farewell, since I had such a hard time leaving that friendship behind. Sadly it was just impossible to fix the relationship. The song also deals with the aspect of a new start, ’cause, while writing this song, I realized that some things in life are final, raising the sorrowful question: How to let go of them? After all, one door needs closing for another one to open up. To acknowledge this situation and then finding the new door was the challenge. That’s what the song ‘Goodbye’ is all about.”

„I needed new goals“

String virtuoso Marcus Deml has already contributed to more than 300 studio productions:  “It was an important experience for me to meet the challenges of every musical genre.” Saga, Kingdom Come, Toto singer Bobby Kimball, bassist Billy Sheehan, Grooveminister, Saga singer Michael Sadler, Phil’s son Simon Collins, rock legend Carmine Appice are just a just a short excerpt of Marcus’ résumé.
Being the musical brains of the experimenting rock group Errorhead, Marcus Deml has released over a dozen albums and played more than 500 shows throughout Europe. Performances with Foreigner, Walter Trout, The Brew and Freak Kitchen followed as well as solo tours sponsored by Fender Guitars.

“I had enough. I wanted to go back to my roots“

For Marcus, these roots are in the blues-soaked rock music of the 70s.
„After I made the decision, everything suddenly started to go automatically. The songs gushed out of my head, people came into my focus and made me want to play with them. Not even the bureaucratic act of founding my own label could blur my new energy.“
The resulting album was produced in only 6 weeks. The tracks were recorded live on analog tape at the renowned Toolhouse Studio.

„No tricks, no corrections, no computers“

Of course, going without a palliating studio adaption was only possible with the proper band chemistry. And this was found in the Australian singer Gordon Grey, bass boss Markus Setzer and power drummer Felix Dehmel, who just returned from New York.
The result is an album with 11 captivating songs made by a perfectly harmonizing band, showing a musical and emotional union. A must-have, not only for every blues rock and guitar fan –  The Blue Poets lives off the knobby roots of blues but overall it’s one thing: earth guitar-driven music demanding to be played fucking loud!

Here are the tour dates:

09.09.2016 – Gifhorn, Kultbahnhof
10.09.2016 – Westerstede, Wunderbar
17.09.2016 – Kellinghusen, PEP
07.10.2016 – Worpswede, Music Hall
21.10.2016 – Uedem, Lettman
22.10.2016 – Bocholt, Alte Molkerei
04.11.2016 – Hamburg, Downtown
05.11.2016 – Hanover, Music Collage
17.12.2016 – Osnabrück, Lagerhalle
04.03.2017 – Unna, Lindenbrauerei
10.03.2017 – Esslingen, Dieselstrasse
11.03.2017 – Munich, Garage Deluxe
25.03.2017 – Rheine, Hypothalamus
06.04.2017 – Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal

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