Nameless Day Ritual – Lyric video “I”

Feb 17th, 2016

At the latest on Friday 19th, when their new album “Birth” will see the light of day, it will be almost impossible to get around NAMELESS DAY RITUAL in search of a refreshing breeze of spherical alternative metal.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” (Muhammad Ali) – Those words let the musical framework of the Bulgarians presage, when Asya’s lovely voice erupts into violence and bursts upon heavy Fear Factory riffs.

Got curious? As a small appetizer NAMELESS DAY RITUAL just released their brand new lyric video of the song “I”.

Singer Asya says about “I”:

“We’re full of anticipation and truly excited since there’s a week left to “Birth” official release. That is why we decided to heat you up a bit with an awesome lyric video of “I”.
Although, “I” is just a fragment of the whole story, it’s a loved one, maybe because of the whole “I’m the man” thing.

The song focuses on the Ego building process. It’s where you find yourself unique and limitless. [...].
This led us to the decision of a minimalistic video, that would rather take you along on a search, it’s a journey of perfection throughout space down to molecular level.”

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