Cryptex cancel “Madeleine Effect Tour”

Oct 26th, 2015

Everyone who has already seen a live show by Cryptex knows, that the band is always giving everything and transforms the evening into a thrilling and extraordinary celebration. If the band can’t fulfil their own aspirations and can’t perform at hundred percent, it is the obligation of the musicians to make decisions.

The upcoming “Madeleine Effect Tour Part 2” will be cancelled. We don’t want to withheld the reasons and call them deliberately by the name.

Singer and mastermind Simon Moskon suffers from depressions and the ongoing burdens from the last months are making it impossible for him and the band, which is supporting
him collectively, to master the mental and physical endeavours of a multi-week tour. Every gig demands a lot from the four musicians and the required energy is currently not existing.
It needs time to recover and recharge the batteries, to be able to look ahead again. This break is necessary for the band, in order to face new challenges next year. The group is asking their fans for understanding:

“We’ll return in 2016 to rock the stage and spend exceptional evenings among our fans, just like Cryptex is known for. Until then, we’ll continue working on the project Cryptex and inform you about news constantly. We are looking forward to seeing you all again and thank you for understanding.”

Depression has become a dangerous as well as malicious widespread disease, that should not be hushed up. Every year, 4,9 million people in Germany alone fall ill with this disease. It can be cured, but the treatment will take up a lot of time.

Source: “Deutsche Depressionshilfe”

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