Cryptex – “Madeleine Effect” on vinyl

Oct 26th, 2015

Band: Cryptex
Titel: Madeleine Effect
Genre: Progressive Folk
Format: Vinyl
Cat.No: SAOL 159
EANcode: 4260177741595
Release date: 04th December 2015

Simon Moskon – vocals, keyboard, bass
Marc Andrejkovits – guitar, bass
Simon Schröder – drums
Andre Jean Henri Mertens – guitar

Track list:
01. The Knowledge Of Being
02. Ribbon Tied Swing
03. When The Flood Begins
04. Romper Stomper
05. Stroking Leather
06. Release My Body
07. Madame De Salm
08. Orange Blossom City Girl
09. Melvins Coolercoup
10. A Quarter Dozen in Ounces
11. New York Foxy
12. Anthem Of Glory

After having received heaps of enthusiastic reviews for their debut album from 2011, this extraordinary formation around lead singer Simon Moskon has acquired a reputation as a barnstorming entertaining newcomer – mainly but not only due to their extremely powerful live performances.

Cryptex’ second studio album „Madeleine Effect“ devotes itself to the eponymic phenomenon, which deals with sensory perceptions that influence one’s body and soul.

The vinyl version was produced, mixed and recorded at the renowed Horus Sound Studio to ensure a product with the best possible quality. Robin Schmidt, one of the best international mastering engeneers, and 24-96 Mastering worked on the album as well as on the vinyl version.

Music enthusiasts can look forward to Cryptex’ lauded album “Madeleine Effect”, specially revised for vinyl. The magnificent gatefold sleeve artwork was particularly conformed for the vinyl version. The masterpiece is refined on two 140 gram vinyls. To make sure that it meets the requirements of “Madeleine Effect”, both CD and vinyl were manufactured at the renowed pressing plant Optimal Media.

You can pre-order the vinyl version at Amazon or at the official homepage of Cryptex.

“Extract the beauty and purity of pain, recognize the transience’s anarchy and you’ll understand Madeleine Effect”- Simon Moskon

“You have to listen to this fabulous album” 6/7 Metal Hammer (GER)

“Music absolutely worth listening to.” 8/10 Classic Rock (GER)

“This album brims with wit, opulence and musicality!” 9/10 (GER)

“Lyrical and acoustic progressive rock at its best!” Musix (GER)

“Magnificent choirs, complex patterns, unconventional niches… A celebration for musical adventurers.” 8/10 Rock Tribune (BEL)

“Madeleine Effect is witty, atmospheric and very eclectic – short: worth being discovered.” 7,5/10 Rock It! (GER)

“… a really good, entertaining insiders’ tip!” Break Out (GER)

“Such a follow-up is not only marvelous, you can only compliment the guys because they truly succeeded in creating a masterpiece without any flaws.” 5/5 – (AUT)

“Conclusion: Masterful progressive opus, which absolutely has to be entrusted to fans of Savatage. Many ideas were blended to a brilliant album and those sophisticated ideas are effectively addictive.” 5/5 – (AUT)

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Official Cryptex website

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