Argument about Iron Maiden mascot “Eddie” is going around the world

Sep 14th, 2015

The poster of the new album “The Book Of Souls” of NWOBHM legends Iron Maiden causes a stir in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The internet community took delight in this story while it caused many, partly sarcastic posts. Cause of the excitement is zombie mascot “Eddie”, who is pictured baring his teeth on the aztec cover of the brand new album “The Book Of Souls”.

Now some “organic parents” (how they’re already called on Twitter) got worried about their children. In protest they sticked a huge notice on the poster that claims: “There are several kindergartens and primary schools in the immediate area. This poster has no business being here!”

The viral story even left its mark in magazines like “Stern”.

The story generated so much buzz, it even reached America. This sarcastic but no less entertaining article was published by our collegaues of “Metalsucks”.

Here we sum up the best laughters of the internet:

However, the parents’ act wasn’t really successful but quite the reverse: Shortly after, people teared down the note while the sustained media response surely contributed to Maiden’s chart entry on #1 in the German album charts – even topping competitors Helene Fischer and Sido.

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