#1: Iron Maiden’s “The Book Of Souls” kicked Helene Fischer out of the game!

Sep 11th, 2015

At first it seemed like a tough head-to-head-race but today Media Control Album Charts showed: HARD beats SOFT

Iron Maiden’s #1 after our first week in the stores proved that a mature yet daring album is appreciated by their fans. Besides Helene Fischer, who really has a knack for selling to the masses at the moment, loyal Maiden fans also put other big players in their place today, namely Sido, Five Finger Death Punch and a-ha, who couldn’t help but get a distant peak at the back cover of “The Book Of Souls” in the official German top 100 album charts.

Weekend candy for us metalheads: it’s been a double HARD beats SOFT – their tough sounding album title (even carrying “steel”) didn’t save a-ha from Five Finger Death Punch’s chart attack.
Raise your bottles of Trooper beer! HEAVY METAL!!!

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