Cryptex – Madeleine Effect Part II tour dates

Aug 11th, 2015

Since the first part was already a great success, the second one isn’t long in coming: The young prog rock hope Cryptex set sail for the second part of their Madeleine Effect Tour and graze Germany hungrily from north to south and east to west – on board they have of course their critically acclaimed second album MADELEINE EFFECT. Friends of multifaceted anthems and hauntingly beautiful arrangements should already mark their respective date in the calendar.

The tour dates read as follows. Further concerts for April 2016 will be announced.

05.11.15 Kiel – Pumpe (Roter Salon)­
06.11.15 Hamburg – Rock n Roll Warehouse
07.11.15 Lüneburg – Zwick­
12.11.15 Hannover – Lux­
21.11.15 Barsinghausen – ASB Bahnhof­
24.11.15 Ludwigsburg – Rockfabrik­
25.11.15 Herbholzheim – Atlantis­
27.11.15 Berlin – Black Land
05.12.15 Itzehoe – Atzehoe­
06.12.15 Cuxhaven – Janjas Musikbar­
12.12.15 Eschwege – JUZ (TBC)
09.04.16 Mannheim – 7er Club
10.04.16 Augsburg – Spectrum
11.04.16 Bamberg  – Liveclub

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